‘Lily Bevan’s sparky production is excellently acted’

Michael Billington, The Guardian – Death of all Elephant Elders, Finborough Theatre 2010

‘A classy, technically likable exercise in polished surrealism’

Time Out Critic’s Choice **** -  Stephen & The Sexy Partridge, Trafalgar Studios 2011


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On: ‘Stephen & The Sexy Partridge’ by Lily Bevan & Finnian O’Neill, directed by Cal McCrystal.

Trafalgar Studios, December 2010:


‘Packed with ingenious parodies, ludicrous impersonations and sex’

The Times

‘One of the funniest offerings in the West End this season…

Tickets to this short, sweet, Christmas show should be a must on everybody’s Christmas shopping list this year.’

The Stage ****

‘A grown up Panto for the very young at heart… festive, side-splittingly funny and wonderfully uplifting -

truly in the spirit of the season.’

whatsonstage.com ****

‘Those lured in by McCrystal’s work directing The Might Boosh’s early stage shows will cackle with delight’

Time Out

‘Pulled off with a surfeit of imagination and good humour’

Time Out

‘Warm and genuinely unusual’

Music OMH

‘What is particularly endearing about this piece is the evident love and care with which it has been created. It is neither too

cynical, nor overtly reverential, and the company of eight actors are obviously thoroughly enjoying themselves.’

The Stage

‘Crisply executed, giddily inventive physicality’

Time Out


On: Celebrity Night at Café Red

Trafalgar Studios – October 2012:


‘Few productions could be more suited to the intimate seating arrangements of Trafalgar Studios than ‘Celebrity Night at Café

Red’, a polished comedy written and directed by Lily Bevan, and set in the cramped interior of a tacky French bistro.’

Time Out ****

‘The show is described as an evening of love, awkwardness, danger and mime. This sums up the show perfectly as the show is

indeed full of love, awkwardness, danger and mime. Lily Bevan’s script is genius, the jokes do not stop coming. A minute didn’t

go by without an audience member bursting into fits of uncontrollable laughter.’

West End Frame

‘Celebrity Night at Cafe Red is an entertaining romp of a comedy.’

Hackney Hive

‘It’s likely that after watching Lily Bevan’s new play you’ll never look at squirrels in quite the same way again.’

The Telegraph